Johansen Farms Nursery - Baskets & Containers - Welcome BasketsWELCOME BASKETS

GREET YOUR GUESTS   Welcome baskets come in several different styles, but they share a common design theme:

  • A wicker basket
  • A black wire frame for the basket
  • A beautiful arrangement of mixed flowers
  • A nice black WELCOME sign with white lettering

These arrangements fit in naturally at the door, but we have seen them in other places like deck entrances, at the head of a path or walkway, or sitting next to the pool or a set of patio furniture.

Choose welcome baskets for any location where you greet people, or where you ask them to stop and sit.

DIFFERENT STYLES   Both small and tall versions of these baskets are available. Decide how high or low you want an arrangement to be seen as a person approaches. Tall selections put the arrangements about as high as a small end table.

Our cone-style basket is a more tapered look that emphasizes the arrangement on the top, whereas our cylinder-style basket emphasizes the natural look of wicker itself.

We also offer wall-mounted versions that allow the basket arrangement to sit higher (about where a mailbox might sit on a home) or mounted on the horizontal beam of a fence.

Johansen Farms Nursery - Baskets & Containers - Welcome Baskets