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Johansen Farms - Our Nursery
Johansen Farms - Our Nursery
Johansen Farms - Our Nursery


Spring Nurseries

Did you know most garden centers in our area don’t grow their own flowers? That’s what makes Johansen Farms unique—all our annuals and perennials are grown in our own greenhouses by us. Our customers have complete access to 15 of our 24 greenhouses to explore on their own.

During planting season, we take into consideration the different lifestyles of our customers—from the avid gardener looking for the perfect plant to the “on-the-go” person looking for instant beauty in a finished decorative container. Due to the fact that Illinois’ planting season is so short, we begin planting in February every year to ensure all our plants are breathtaking by the beginning of spring.

Our main garden center on Route 53 is a seasonal operation. It will be open for business from April through July.


Johansen farms - our nursery