Johansen Farms Nursery - Annuals - Impressive ImpatiensImpressive Impatiens

STRONGER & EARLIER   Johansen Farms carries both standard impatiens and New Guinea impatiens. The New Guineas sport larger, darker, glossier leaves with interesting patterns, and they generally have a much bigger flower. You can’t beat a flower and foliage combo, all on the same plant! New Guineas are generally taller with a bushy habit and they take a much stronger sun than the standard impatiens, due to their glossy leaves.

Standard impatiens produce the heavy coat of blooms that people associate with bedding plants—low growing, moundy and never-quit flower performance. As with petunias and geraniums, there are many, many, many kinds of impatiens with different price, performance and climate variations.

Of course, we like big impatiens—no surprise there—and we obviously look for Chicago performance. We grow a truly strong impatiens with early blooms and bigger flowers—each bloom reaches over two inches in diameter. These come in tons of snazzy accent colors, from solids to stars to bi-colors with prominent eyes. Plus they bloom heavily—very heavily. This is the impatiens we’ve chosen to carry the Johansen name.

LIGHT AND CARE   Impatiens are shade plants, shadier than begonias. They inject color into the darker corners of the yard, such as under trees and on the north side of homes where color is harder to find. Impatiens work extremely well as bedding plants, so you can put a flat of them directly into the ground. Try adding some height to them by planting them in big pots and letting them mound up—they will form a beautiful crown of color.

Tip: If your impatiens starts to wilt, it could be from too much sun. Watering won’t help until you move it to a shadier spot. Let it lounge next to the lawn chair under the trees.

Johansen Farms Nursery - Annuals - Impressive Impatiens