Johansen Farms Nursery - Hanging Baskets


HOW TO DECORATE   Hanging baskets draw people’s attention to the places in your home where you want them to look: an entryway, the pool, the furniture on the deck. Their dramatic nature makes them a natural focal point.

Look for the popular spots in your yard, or highly-visible places, and put a hanging basket there. Hanging baskets are usually placed where people want to go, where people want to be, and where people travel through. By their very nature, baskets are guest-friendly and family fun.

TYPES OF BASKETS   Vibrant, colorful—and big, of course—hanging baskets come in many styles and colors. For the home, they fall into four distinct categories:

SINGLE COLOR, SINGLE KIND   Solid blocks of color for a massive look, these baskets are impressive from a distance and make a statement. Use them to fill a big yard, when the home is set back from a distance, or line a drive or walk with shepard’s hooks. This is considered to be the most formal kind of basket.

MANY COLORS, SINGLE KIND   Sometimes raucous, sometimes intriguing, sometimes mellow—the magic of these baskets is in the mix of colors. They are usually associated with fun, festive and entertaining areas—places where you just want to have fun, or maybe just kick back and relax. It’s all about the colors.

SINGLE COLOR, MANY TEXTURES   Several kinds of flowers along a single color theme, these baskets are subtle and nuanced. Place them where people approach the baskets closely, like a porch, a deck, or near patio furniture. Up close, plants look different than from a distance. It’s fun to let the eye explore the subtle changes in colors and textures when standing at the door or gazing out the kitchen window.

MIXED COLORS AND TEXTURES   This garden in the air features central drama plants surrounded by spilling and trailing textures. A good choice if you are looking for a more informal look, this style is very casual, very open and perfect as a hostess or housewarming gift.

Johansen Farms Nursery - Hanging Baskets