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Garden Lifestyle

A PLACE YOU VISIT   For us, a garden is a place to visit with friends and family. Gardens turn a house into a home by surrounding us with the colors, shapes and styles that make us feel good inside. The garden we visit, in many ways, is the garden we carry in our minds throughout the day. It is a wonderful sanctuary to return to when we need to relax or to refresh our spirits.

CENTERPIECES AND ACCENTS   In order to make a garden more than just a collection of plants, be creative with the centerpieces and accents you place there. A centerpiece is a larger item, like an interesting birdbath, a wrought iron trellis or a dramatic piece of pottery that serves as a focal point in a garden bed. Plants are grown around and toward the centerpiece, creating a tableau that greets you as you walk out the door or surprises a visitor as they turn a corner.

An accent is a small piece, purposely placed to the side or nestled in and among the plants. It serves as a delightful and unexpected curiosity—something seen on a second glance that encourages a closer look, a more intense gaze, a slower stroll past the garden because of the treasures you might miss if you pass by too quickly. Frequently understated, the accent piece usually sports complimentary colors to the garden itself, making for a clever surprise; sometimes it can be a tiny but bright splash of color to perk up a corner. A mix of bright and subtle ornamentation makes a garden a fun place to visit!

Johansen Farms Nursery - Gifts & Home Decor - Garden Lifestyle