Petting Zoopetzoo

Over 500 Farm Animals!

We have over 500 farm animals, from steers to miniature ponies to little lambs that love to be petted and fed. They are all anxious to meet you!

During the fall, there are multiple births. Our sow alone can have up to 12 piglets! So chances are, you’re going to meet a baby or two. There’s something exciting about watching a newborn animal taking its first step. What a memorable experience for you and your family!

Hold Baby Chicks: Little children love little chicks! One of our most popular attractions for the kids is holding a new baby chick. Your children will become little mommies & daddies as they cradle the chicks, often getting their fuzzy friend to take a nap in their hands. Be aware Mom and Dad: if you hear a little “peep” when you get to your car, it may not be your own offspring!

Visit GoatMania: Feeding animals is fun, but the excitement really begins when kids enter into GoatMania! This attraction is designed to allow your children to interact with the animals one on one. If you have never felt the wool on a sheep, this is the perfect place to do it!

Check into Rabbit Hotel: Almost everyone has met a bunny or two. Not many, though, have seen Rabbit Hotel—where over 200 bunnies reside! From white bunnies to huge brown floppy-eared rabbits, they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s fun to watch them socialize with each other at their own “exclusive” resort!

All of the above attractions are FREE and unlimited with paid zoo admission. Weather permitting, handicap accessible.