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A JOHANSEN SPECIALTY   We call them Buddy Baskets—we aren’t sure what other people call them, but we have called them Buddy Baskets for years and years. Buddy Baskets are designed for walls, poles and fences—anywhere you might want to hang a basket that runs long and vertically.

HOW TO USE   Hang them side-by-side along a fence to create a solid hedge of geranium blooms for the summer. Put one on each side of the door for matching posts of color. They hang well from light poles, mailbox posts or porch supports.

One makes a statement; two will surround a small pole or post; and four will cover an area the size of a telephone pole.

Hanging from a nail or a hook with a little strap built into the back of the Buddy Bag, these are the world’s easiest decorating baskets. They do soak up water, and water is heavy, so be sure your nail or hook will support at least 25 pounds of weight.

Johansen Farms Nursery - Baskets & Containers - Buddy Baskets