Johansen Farms Nursery - Annuals - Bigger GeraniumsBigger Geraniums

THE BIGGEST GERANIUMS   Big is a Johansen theme, and nothing says it better than a Johansen Geranium. Our geraniums explain our growing philosophy in the best possible way.

There are many varieties of geraniums in the world. Some are cheap and produce a few blooms and a small plant. Some have robust habits—they bloom up a storm and their leaves can actually cover the soil and the pot.

Of course, the best geraniums cost more—but Johansen’s has buying power. We can grow the best geraniums at a better price because we grow so many (24 greenhouses worth!) Bear in mind, we never grow the low-cost geraniums, because we don’t believe in growing scrawny plants; but for big, full, well-bloomed geraniums, we offer an unbeatable price.

Johansen Farms Nursery - Annuals - Bigger Geraniums