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NONSTOP BLOOMS   Originally from South America, the tuberous begonia does well around Chicago because our spring and summer climates mimic the warm days/cool nights of the Andes mountains.

Johansen begonias feature the most beautiful tinges of color on the edges. Large, densely-petaled flowers come in rich, velvety colors that deepen towards the eye . . . sumptuous is a good way to describe them. They start blooming in early summer and keep blooming all the way to frost.

As for their foliage, glossy leaves sometimes come in shades tinted with dark red. These begonias are ideal for places with light shade and filtered sun—they’re great for adding color to porches or tree-lined yards.

CARE AND FEEDING   Begonias are ideal container plants. They grow easily in small pots and large window boxes and deck planters. Unlike thirsty petunias, begonias actually like it on the dry side. Avoid waterlogging the pot if you want masses of flowers for the season. Feed them about every other week with Johansen’s Plant Food (the same brand we use to feed them.)

Our begonias grow well with fuchsias, impatiens, ferns and other shade-loving plants. If you do well with these flowers, you will do well with begonias. Please note that begonias do not like the hot noon sun—morning light and evening light are OK, but sun from the top-down will burn the leaves.

Begonias also require good air circulation. It keeps the flowers fresher and lasting longer on the plant.

Johansen Farms Nursery - Annuals - Better Begonias